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The KANNE & JOOS GROUP represents a joint venture of two family businesses, Kanne Group and Joos Energie Consulting GmbH, and is located in Dumbravita, Timis county, Romania.

As service provider, we would like to help companies all over Europe to take advantage by the potential that Romania offers to your business, and to facilitate the placement of manpower all over Europe. The KANNE & JOOS GROUP is activ on the Romanian market since 2012.

On the European level, KANNE & JOOS GROUP has about 200 employees, including the parent companies. We intend to use our long experience in personal employment and personal management in order to recruit for you the best employee, or, if you should request it, we can provide you the most adequate workers through personnel leasing.

We are here to give you a hand. Give us the opportunity to find and to provide you with the optimal employees or the perfect working place.

Type of Company:
Consultant, Service Provider
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner, Offer business advisory
Dumbravita, Timis
Name of the Contact Person
Daniel Waelti
Phone of the Contact Person
+40 (0) 741 / 237 428
E-mail of the Contact Person

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