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Knauf is a family name. Courage for vision, innovation and investment, quick and effective decisions, inventiveness all employees is exactly what characterizes Knauf.

The company was born from a traditional business with gypsum, and today produces building materials dry plates Knauf plasterboard fiber reinforced cellulose-based dry mortar for plastering interior plaster and tiles based aquapanel cement.

Proximity to customers, building relationships and long-term outstanding customer with first-class advice given to them by providing a specialized service products and systems suitable for the highest quality, all this is how Knauf market approach. We manage to get these things because modern technical facilities they continuously improve. The future lies in the hands of employees, however, talented and highly motivated. And last but not least, our company is the spirit of unity as a family: to learn from others, to be a team, share our knowledge, to take on the role of mentor, to use rapid and direct solution methods to accomplish something particularly. These are all facets of a company’s culture.

Wherever they are Knauf promote one thing: efficiency in construction.

Type of Company:
Distributor, Service Provider
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner, Find a financial partner, Export, Import, Distribute products / services
Name of the Contact Person
Ingrid Janker

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