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The L-Bank is committed to ensuring a high-performing economy, a high quality of life and a secure future. For individuals who want to gainfully employ their strengths or need support to develop them. For businesses that create jobs through their commitment and for communities seeking to improve the quality of their inhabitants’ lives. In short: for Baden-Württemberg.

As the State bank of Baden-Württemberg, the L-Bank deploys a broad spectrum of financing instruments to fulfill its development mission for enterprises and families in Baden-Württemberg. The L-Bank does not compete with banks and thrift institutions, but instead works with them as an equal—toward the common goal of making Baden-Württemberg an even better place to live.

The L-Bank has a strong owner in the State, which in its capacity as guarantor affords the Bank an excellent position in money and capital markets. The guarantee of the Land for the liabilities of the Bank provides an excellent basis for low-cost refinancing.

Economic development

Small and medium-sized enterprises form the economic backbone of the State. They need effective support as well as sufficient scope for action—for start-ups, investments, modernization and expansion. The L-Bank offers businesses reduced-interest loans, securing their liquidity at favorable terms.

Residential development

Through a variety of residential construction programs, the L-Bank promotes home ownership, residential housing construction and energy-saving and modernization. In this way, the L-Bank supports families, and also disabled persons, businesses and communities. And ultimately, the construction industry also profits from this, as new construction means jobs.

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Dr. Manfred Schmitz-Kaiser

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