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Wines made along the 45th parallel, which positions the Dealu Mare vine estate at the same level with the Bordeaux, the Saint-Emilion as well as the Toscana vineyards, are prestigious for their rich, complex and silken taste.

Our wines are kept in strictly-controlled environments, as in the recently inaugurated wine vault. When time allows it, they are exclusively maturated in barriques of high quality oak essence from France, USA, Russia, Hungary and Romania.

Successive control of the all year-long production reaching up to 1 kg of grapes per each grape vine as well as the rigorous selection of the grapes entering wine production contribute to the high quality level of our wine.

Five million Euros were invested in our production unit last year and our unit makes use of a modern wine technique based on the gravitational principles, thus limiting the need to use the pumps. The production facility is completed by a tasting salon, a wine shop and a conference room – all benefiting from an elegant architecture and an modern design.

In such an environment, all events organized here will be unforgettable experiences.

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Walter Friedl
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