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  • Our business: Development, realisation, financing and operation of wind farms on land and at sea, at home and abroad
  • Our aim: Environmentally friendly electricity generation at sustainable economic terms
  • Our service: We cover the entire value adding chain – from the first survey of the area to the completed wind farm and its subsequent operational management!

Electricity drives the world forward. Up to now, worldwide supply has been based mainly on the use of finite resources such as oil, coal and gas. However, the effects of climate change that have already become noticeable, the uncertainty regarding the availability of these natural resources and the approaching exhaustion of fossil fuels have led to a complete rethink of energy policy in a growing number of countries. After all, natural sources of energy are available to us in virtually unlimited quantities – we only have to use them.

Technically practicable and economically sensible ways of generating inexpensive and environmentally friendly electricity already exist today. In this context, wind power plays a decisive role. This is by far the most advanced technology for generating energy whilst conserving resources. For this reason, experts forecast a significant growth potential for the worldwide wind market in the coming years.

PNE WIND AG has been operating very successfully in this environment for years. We are one of the most experienced wind farm project planners. Our primary aim is the sustainable combination of economic success and environmental responsibility.

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Consultant, Distributor, Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer, Service Provider
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Daniela Dinescu

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