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The Romanian – Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, was established in 1996 and having legal personality in 2005 , the main objective is the development of bilateral trade relations between Romania and the Czech Republic by organizing trade events, roundtables, seminars, presentations and business group meetings, accompanying official delegations, organizing fairs and exhibitions and all acts and deeds which generally trade on a chamber of commerce take.

The camera lens is to create relationships between companies in Romania and the Czech Republic to establish branches all over the country to contribute to the development of specific areas of interest to the local economy each area has a specific special economic . At this time we are open and functional 11 branches across the country, which the specific zone, waiting and want contacts from our Czech counterparts.

Type of Company:
Service Provider
Company business Interest
Export, Import
Name of the Contact Person
Nicolae STAN
Phone of the Contact Person
E-mail of the Contact Person

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