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S.C. AVIAŢIA UTILITARĂ BUCUREŞTI S.A. offers a wide range of quality services:

Passenger Helicopter/Aircraft rentals

We provide cutting-edge helicopters carrying on board experienced pilots with thousands of flight hours accumulated that will fly you quickly and safely to your desired destination.Helicopters are maintained and operated under optimal conditions and provide a high level of in flight comfort and safety. Authorized technical staff and professional pilots are a guarantee of a pleasant flight and a challenge to return.Our company provides air transportation of people and goods, charter services ensuring the possibility of rapid movement in Romania as well as in neighboring countries.

Broadcast Helicopter Rentals

An ENG (Electronic News Gathering) helicopter can be simply described as a helicopter equipped with a video camera and external antennas that can be used to broadcast news by a television station. Basically such a helicopter allows a fast coverage of a venue or an event by the broadcast crew from a broad perspective providing aerial images. Simultaneously with the live broadcast automatic recording and subsequent image processing can be made. A radio communication system allows continuous communication between the helicopter crew (including camera operator) and news station crew for optimal coordination of the live feed.

The recording / broadcast High Definition system is composed of several main elements.

The first element is composed of the outer CINEFLEX V14 HD camera attached to a specialized arm on the left side of the helicopter.
The second element is the operator workstation video, located in the cargo compartment and includes recording and video transmission equipment.
The third element consists of LIVE site, arranged next to the pilot on the left side of the helicopter. In addition, the system includes an ENG HD transmitter with an antenna mounted on the right side of the helicopter, on the landing gear. A radio console provides a radio link between helicopter and ground station to coordinate the filming and broadcasting.

Because of the high performance camera dangerous approaching targets and obstacles (power lines, antennas, towers and tall buildings) can be avoided, which minimizes risks to crew and operators working in the area.

Passenger Helicopter/Aircraft Maintenance

We are being authorized PART – 145 for line and base repairs.

Utility Helicopters/Aircraft Rentals

For over 45 years our society has provided helicopters and planes with proven utility by executing a wide range of aerochemical operations in benefit to agriculture and forestry. Every year on tens of thousands of hectares of crops, forests, vineyards, our helicopters and planes flew fertilization and herbicide treatment missions for diseases and pests, mosquito control and also surveillance missions on forests / power lines / gas and oil pipelines or treatment of street alignments.

Utility and Passenger Helicopter/ Aircraft Maintenance

Utility aircraft fleet maintenance is a major component in any specific aviation company and is based on approved protocols created by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.
Our company runs a wide range of technical maintenance programs: regular checks, on line maintenance, resource extension, studded, engine parts, winter and summer switching operation, bench tests, inspections and equipment, carburetors,dash- board equipament and manufacturing / verification of flexible pipes.

Helicopter Hangar Rental Space

Within availability you can rent space for helicopter parking in our own hangars.

Handling Fuel Supply

Our company has contracted authorized agents and fuel suppliers for easy helicopter fuelling on our own platform.

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