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societatea naţională plafar s.a has as main object of activity production, industrialization and  marketing and export of medicinal and aromatic plants, crops and wild flora. Having gained experience in the field in over 70 years of existence, herbs offered PLAFAR trusted high quality plant products rich in active principles acting phytotherapeutic.

PLAFAR offer includes a wide range of herbal products: traditional tea – 83 varieties and medicinal – 35 varieties, teas single dose -11 assortments, equilibration teas metabolism – 8 varieties, fruit teas – 17 varieties and herbal and fruit syrups – 26 varieties. Herbal products have a wide spectrum: anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, anticolitic, liver protecting and regenerating dietary remineralizing, cosmetics and others.

The company’s activity unfolds over three major areas:  

  1. Acquisition of medicinal and aromatic plants of spontaneous and cultivated

II . The processing plant

III . Distribution of specific products

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Florian SIMION
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