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For years specializing in construction products, TENG`S has earned its symbolization in construction industry as successful supplier with its top quality and high performance products.

TENG`S INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in 1997 that reorganized from RED POINT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. founded in 1983 mainly for the Powder Actuated Fastening System supplying aiming to drive pins, accessories, power loads and PA tools as well as appliances special designed for certain industries. In 2002, TENG`S brought in th Gas Fastening System, by cooperating with fuel cell inventor and supplier in Germany, to not only enhance the system`s quality performance and also provide widly selections for construction uses.

As a motivated and progressive manufacturer and exporter, TENG`S devotes to continuous development and research to look for the best solution, that is apparently the elements to keep company constantly forward successfully.

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Exporter, Manufacturer
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Speak to an advisor, Find a strategic partner, Export, Distribute products / services
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