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Top High Image Corp. was established in 1998 by the R&D team of Top Silicon Steel Corp. PS Plate Division, which was established in 1985 and one of the top 500 enterprises in Taiwan. Starting from 1995, the division invested heavily on machinery devices, manpower, materials and alliance with professional American and Japanese crafts in the same field.

After the PS Plate product was successfully developed in 1998, the Top Silicon Steel Corp. PS Plate Division was separated from its parent company and the Top High Image Corp. was then established and independently operated by a group of professional production and management team.

After continuing investments on R&D and facilities, our product quality and performance were greatly improved. According to the special topic report published by Taiwan Commercial Times in May 2002, the printing plate market share of Top High Image Corp. had surpassed Fuji and became the leading brand in Taiwan.

In 2003, Top High Image Corp.`s PS Plates have been widely approved and utilized in Europe, America, Middle East and South East Asian countries. In 2004, the fourth production line had been set up for the capacity of 10 million square meters annually. Top High Image Corp. becomes a leading PS Plate producer in South East Asia.

In 2007, both Thermal CTP Plate and CTcP plate are commercialized and accredited by platesetter suppliers. Now, Top is ready to supply global clients with diversified plates at reasonable costs.


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