Founded in 1979, the era of industrialization in Taiwan, Yang Bey started its operation.  Opening a factory at that time was like a gambling to Ta-Cheng, Yu – the founder of Yang Bey. His family had never been working elsewhere besides growing rice, mushrooms, vegetables, and lychee trees. Knowing the industrialization could lead to a different career for a son of farmer, he, with no hesitation, spent all his savings and the loans given by his father on few machines and tools that are necessary for the operations. After many rejections, his first tool S220 rack tensioner finally was accepted by an American buyer and exported through a trader to the States. There was nothing more encouraging than this for a young man. He then decided to invest more on Yang Bey.

Not long after, Taiwan was recognized to be the factory of the world. Yang Bey grew together with the blooming acceptance and satisfaction of Taiwanese products. Ta-Cheng noticed the importance of having his own brand and decided to market his tools with brand YBICO. Up till today, YBICO tools have been sold over 90 countries and are well known in strapping industry.

Begin from the 1st rack tensioner, Yang By has expanded its product lines to plastic/stainless steel strapping tools, steel strap cutters, seal/buckles, pallet stretch film dispensers, carton sizers, wire tie tying tools, staple removers, tape dispensers, bag sealers, label dispensers, protection film applicators, line marking tools and a lot more. Yang Bey’s goal is to become a one-stop-shop for all packaging needs with reasonable pricing and sound quality. A USD 1 million product liability insurance is offered to all Yang Bey’s productions as a service to its distributors and end users.

In 2006, Yang Bey opened 2nd production facility in order to increase the capacity and provide shorter lead time. In mid 2007, Yang Bey built one extra production line for strapping dispensers.

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