Prima Conferinta Internationala de Business Diplomacy, Windesheim – Olanda, Strategic Business Diplomacy – Provocari globale de legitimitate in afacerile internationale

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9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Windesheim University


Prima Conferinta Internationala de Business Diplomacy a aut loc in data de 4 Decembrie 2015, in Olanda, in orasul Zwolle, la Universitatea de Stiinte Aplicate Windesheim.

Presedintele Bursei Romane de Afaceri – dl Valentin PREDA a fost invitat ca speaker la aceasta prima Conferinta Internationala de Business Diplomacy, si a sustinut prezentarea cu tema Business Diplomacy is equally important for the multinational’s global expansion as it is for the local companies’ survival 

Cei interesati ne pot contacta pe adresa de email office{at} pentru a solicita prezentarea in format electronic.

Mai jos puteti sa parcurgeti in limba engleza, tot profilul si programul Conferintei


Goal and outcomes to target at the first Business Diplomacy Conference

Multinational enterprises experienced ‘golden days’ during the 1990s and 2000s. They expanded globally and were major players in globalization. Today they have become powerful actors in the global economy. CEOs of international businesses are invited by governments to help solve global issues such as climate change and poverty. However, MNEs are facing global legitimacy challenges. They are suspected of tax avoidance, using low wage countries for corporate benefits only, disrespecting privacy regulation and so on. Although many of these challenges are not new, they have resurfaced and become more apparent during the past couple of years.

Strategic business diplomacy can help international business to deal with these issues

At the 1st International Business Diplomacy Conference , we will explore the benefits of strategic business diplomacy for multinational enterprises facing global legitimacy challenges.

The conference is of interest to international business representatives, scholars, consultants in the field of business diplomacy (government relations, international stakeholder management), NGO representatives and politicians.

Outcomes to target are: policy and strategy outcomes, policy/practitioners press, proceedings, research agenda, inputs for international book, special issue for international journal.

Location and date

The 1st International Conference on Business Diplomacy will take place at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands beginning on Friday, December 4th. The attendance fee at the Business Diplomacy Conference is € 45,= including lunch and drinks.


  • Morning session with keynote speakers (morning)

  • Roundtable sessions (afternoon)

Preliminary program – December 4th – The Netherlands

Morning program


Welcome by Prof. dr. Albert Cornelissen – President of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and dr. Huub Ruël – Professor of International Business at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.


Setting the stage: International Business & Diplomacy – ‘So you think you can dance?’ by Professor Donna Lee – Professor of Political Economy / Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences – University of Bradford, UK


Professor Ross Harrison – Professor of International Business Diplomacy in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University (Washington DC, USA).


Professor Roel Nieuwenkamp – Chair of the OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct / University of Amsterdam


Coffee break


Mr. Christopher Nason – Director Corporate Intelligence at PwC


Mr. Bas Dobbelstein – Manager Public Affairs at GDF Suèz Energy Netherlands



Program Parallel Sessions

1st Conference on Business Diplomacy, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Session 1 (academic stream): Conceptualizing Business Diplomacy

Windesheim Building F, Room F0.14, 14:00-15:00

Paper presentations (Chair: Donna Lee)

  • Business Diplomacy… how do they do it? – An exploratory study by Jolanda Knobel

  • Business Diplomacy in the context of partnerships for sustainable development by Lichia Yiu

  • International Business Diplomacy: A strategy for increasing MNCs’ performance? by Huub Ruël and Luisa Suren

Session 2 (practitioner stream): Business Diplomacy in BRIC Countries

Windesheim Building F, Room F0.20, 14:00-15:00

Papers presentations (Chair: Raymond Saner)

·       Intersection of roles between States and Multinationals in emerging markets by Doudou Sidibé and Raymond Saner

  • Business Diplomacy Language: An Exploratory Study by Dinand Warringa

  • Incorporating Education into Business Diplomacy by Jack Jan Chenhuan

  • Business Diplomacy in Brazil by Joseph Marques

Session 3 (academic stream): Business Diplomacy Competences

Windesheim Building F, Room F0.14, 15:00-16:00

Paper presentations (Chair: Huub Ruël)

  • Business Diplomacy in a Consular Format: extra-governmental players’ supply and demand for diplomatic services by Guilherme Nobre and Nela Filimon

  • International Business, Business diplomacy and the role of a commercial diplomat by Roman Holý

  • Business Diplomacy Management: Making Business Diplomacy Business as Usual by Debbie Rosario and Jim Hill


Session 4 (practitioner stream): Sub-national Business Diplomacy

Windesheim Building F, Room F0.20, 15:00-16:00

Paper presentations (Chair: Jan Melissen)

  • Spanish Business Diplomacy in the IBEX35 by Juan Luis Manfredi

  • Business Diplomacy and the role of Trade Associations by Peter Noordhoek 

  • Business Diplomacy and Sub-national Governments Economic Relations: Complementary, Rivalry or both regarding to Central State? by Pedro Conceição Parreira

  • Business Diplomacy is equally important for the multinational’s global expansion as it is for the local companies’ survival by Valentin Preda 

Session 5 (academic stream): Teaching Business Diplomacy

Windesheim Building F, Room F0.14, 16:30-17:30

Paper presentations (Chair: Jennifer Kesteleyn and Ross Harrison)

  • POSCO-India Project: A Business Diplomacy Fiasco by Sanjay Sharma

  • Business Diplomacy in Practice: What companies and universities mean by business diplomacy by Guilherme Nobre

  • Teaching Business Diplomacy at Georgetown University by Ross Harisson

Session 6 (practitioner stream): Businesses Driving Business Diplomacy

Windesheim Building F, Room F0.20, 16:30-17:30

Papers presentations (Chair: Donna Lee and Shaun Riordan)

  • Business Diplomacy: An Innovative Approach to Global Supply Chain Protection? by Shaun Riordan

  • Asymmetry and symmetry of power in negotiations between multinationals and governments: The case of Areva and Niger by Doudou Sidibé

  • Business diplomacy by small and medium-sized MNEs: Navigating risks and managing legitimacy in foreign markets by Zian Elsahd and Maureen Benson-Rea

  • The value of sport in economic diplomacy by Ute Vrijburg

Afternoon program

Academic stream

Practitioners’ stream


Parallel sessions

Conceptualizing Business Diplomacy 

Business Diplomacy in BRIC Countries


Parallel sessions

Business Diplomacy Competences

Sub-national Business Diplomacy





Parallel sessions

Teaching Business Diplomacy

Businesses Driving Business Diplomacy 


Plenary session with Drinks and Bites: by Professor Donna Lee (University of Bradford) and Professor Raymond Saner (emeritus Professor University of Basel (Switzerland)/ co-founder of CSEND)

Announcement of 2nd conference on Business Diplomacy by Huub Ruël

Best Paper Awards Ceremony by president of the university – Prof. dr. Albert Cornelissen


End of conference

Organizing committee

The Conference is organized by Windesheim International Business Research Centre Windesheim in collaboration with Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael, Ghent University (Belgium) and Diplomacy Dialogue (Geneva).

The organizing committee: Jan Melissen (University of Antwerp (Belgium) and Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael), Shaun Riordan (Clingendael), Jennifer Kestelyn (University of Ghent), Raymond Saner (Diplomacy Dialogue, Geneva and Sciences Po, Paris ), Donna Lee (Bradford University – UK), Doudou Sidibe (Novancia Business School, Paris), Huub Ruël (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)

©2018 Bursa Romana de Afaceri / Romanian Business Exchange


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