The French firm is looking for a Romanian supplier that is working in the field of railway transport infrastructure.

The needs and requirements specified are:
Cables (low energy, Medium energy and Instrumentation).
Cable ways.
Tunnel Ventilation, Damper.
Cable ways laying.
Manufacturing of mechanical units (metal hinges, machine-welded structures, …).
Equipment laying (stakes driving, poles hardening, electrical equipment assembly, mechanical
equipment assembly and pipework, ventilation equipment assembly, panels, electrical cabling
production before use)

Interested Romanian companies are invited to send us at andrei.cioroianu@rbe.ro their company profile. In order to do that, you need to have a free account within our Business Matchmaking Platform and be logged-in.

Sunt (I am):
I am looking for a:
Strategic partner, Service provider, Manufacturer
I am interested to:
Find a strategic partner
Regions of Interest:
Eastern Europe
Country of Origin
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