Company from Taiwan is looking for Romanian partnerships in order to distribute their products.

Their main products are Automobile components whici include Valve tappet, Rocker arm, Cylinder head/Gasket/Bolt, Wiper system ( Blades/Arm/Motor ), Shock absorber and Radiator/Intercooler which manufacture in Taiwan and China. Besides they also cooperate with workshops in Taiwan and provide products such as Machining, Stamping, Milling, Casting, Forging, MIM etc

Interested parties are invited to contact us.

Sunt (I am):
I am looking for a:
Adviser, Strategic partner, Distributor, Importer
I am interested to:
Speak to an adviser, Find a strategic partner, Export, Distribute products / services
Regions of Interest:
Eastern Europe
Country of Origin
Domeniul de Interes
Echipamente Electrice
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