Complex de panificatie de vanzare


Complexul de panificatie propus spre vanzare este situat in Calarasi, contine fabrica de peleti, fabrica de paine, silozuri  de 3000 t, masini de distribuite. Pret solicitat: 4,9 mil euro


Our group consists of two companies, that in 2008 obtained approval to make investments in a factory pellets, wheat silos, wheat mill, storage line – packing

flour and bread factory, which at the moment investments are completed and active market.


The premises are located on DN3B companies in Roseti village, Calarasi county, 10 km from the

county, Calarasi (port on the Danube), 20 Km A2, 100 Km and 100 Km from Bucharest to Constanta.

The buildings and land are owned by our societies, benefiting a total area of approximately 10,000

square meters of land, which except small green spaces, is completely paved with concrete

elicopterizat. Production hall wheat mill has an area of about 1000 square meters and a height of

8m. The production hall of the company has a stretch of approximately 1700 square meters and the

building also measuring 8m height.

Both halls are made concrete structure with precast ornaments made of natural stone from the

river, the interior floors of concrete with quartz, except space allocated bread factory, which has a

floor resin epoxilica corresponds to the highest standards in the field food industry.

Compartmentalization workspaces inside buildings is made according to the needs or standards of

each field, sandwich panels, walls or drywall Fire. Fencing the land is made with metallic mesh fence


Both production facilities are equipped with air-conditioning, heating, represented boiler burning

pellets from own production, equipment for fire prevention and control, air compressed for each

hall in part, capable of operating either individually either in parallel, smoke vents, double insulation,

generator of electricity, with two sources of water, either drilled or from a public treatment plant

wastewater, pool pad fire, video surveillance cameras connected internet with the ability to be

monitored from any point, etc.

The silos of wheat have a capacity of 3000 tons, sufficient capacity to cover approximately 30% of

total capacity grinding mill in a year and 100% of the wheat that bread factory we can consume in a

year. In addition there are laboratory sampling equipped with the necessary equipment and a self

scale. The silos are manufactured in Italy by the company Borghi Srl and put into operation on the

date of 31.12.2014.

Wheat mill has a capacity of about 40 tons of wheat in 24 hours, is capable of producing all types of

wheat flour and can be adapted easily for durum wheat grist. Its capacity can cover 3-4 times

needed bread factory surplus production being sold on the open market (either by picking up the

products at the company, either with their own transport), where our company is already present,

with a portfolio customers. Wheat mill is made in Italy Loporcaro company in 2012, commissioned at

the end of 2013. To this was added a degree of automation more advanced than the standard.

Bread factory is supplied with flour directly from the mill, using an installation of pneumatic

conveying flour that is initially directed to the storage silos, where there is a branch with which the

product works, but not before going through a CERN found in equipping the line or to be packed

directly into the production space.

The production space bread factory is equipped with machines from Italy, produced several

renowned companies (Bianchi Rapida MF Italy, Marden, Trezza Forni). This line was designed to

produce 22,000 loaves daily capacity being achieved very quickly, which necessitated other new

investments to expand capacity to around 30,000 loaves per day capacity that proves to be

insufficient in certain moments peak.

The main advantages of our factory bread are:

* System baking hearth with automatic charging, which gives a better quality product, compared

with lines tunnel, and achieve easily large volumes of production (volume similar to what can be

achieved only with lines tunnel) ;

* A production facility leaven based on lactic cultures, which give extra freshness and flavor product

installation that at the moment of our knowledge, no one owns anyone in Romania;

* Reduced number of workers in the production department of bread;

* Baking is done with pellets from crop residues from the production, which leads to a significant

reduction of expenses.

Besides bread production line was added over a section of confectionery specialties, which are made

up to 10,000 products per day, with a higher added value than bread products.

All these products are distributed to the approximately 800 clients in the portfolio, with the help of

16 vans with a capacity of less than 3500 Kg, which is owned by the company.

The company is the market leader in Calarasi county, which is present with its products and in the

counties of Constanta, Ialomita and Ilfov county's second largest producer of reaching sales of up to

14,000 loaves per day.

Factory pellet is made in Italy, by company General Dies, commissioned in February 2013 since then

it has ensured the consumption of pellets for bread baking, heating halls and heating hot water

consumption not exceeding 2,000 kg per day.

Pellet plant capacity is up to 10,000 Kg per day, this oxciland depending on the material processed,

so that surplus production is sold on the market.

The factory is capable of processing all types of material, from plant waste to chips or potato chips of

hardwood. At the moment we have a portfolio of customers, our product is currently in winter 2014-

2015 in Praktiker store network and beyond. Product selling very well by individuals directly from

the factory Porat.

All these activities are carried out with the help of trained staff while, in companies, of which one

ascending trend. As an example one of this companies in 2013 achieved a turnover of Ron 6,727,064 and

9,675,143 in 2014, Ron and the second company recorded in 2014 a turnover of about 8,000,000


The companies were not involved in any litigation with suppliers and customers have not registered

any incidents of pay.

Businesses are highly liquid, very short-term revenues from realizing, most often delivered.


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