Partnership/Investment in a company in health field - MSCo.


For details regarding the company and it’s portfolio, visit the link bellow:

We are looking for an investor/business partner for a business based on communication, marketing and events in health field (both human and veterinary). Our target are the human and veterinary doctors from Romania and abroad. Is a Business to Business company, and we communicate directly with the proffesionals in health field (doctors, pharmacists, pharma companies, vets, CEO/Managers of companies with products and services in health and vet field in Romania).

The sources of incomes are: our advertisers (pharma and non-pharma companies), paid subscriptions to our journals – both print and online (only the doctors and vets can buy them), participation taxes at the events, selling the published books (print and online), from the services we are doing for different parnetes – orginizing events, direct mailing, e-mailing, etc.

We need an Investor or a Business Partner  who can invest money.

The proposals are:

  • Investor – lend money for the company and in 1 year recovers the investment plus an extra fee established together with the owner of the company
  • Business Partner – invest money in the company and become Managing Partner in the company with 20% of company actions (recovery of investment in 1 year and if the company becomes profitable will recieve 20% from the company profit at the end of each fiscal year.




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