Animal (sheep, cows, goats, pork, cattle) farm for sale in Prahova - Ploiesti ROMANIA


The Farm for sale as a business, is located in Prahova county – ROMANIA, situated at a distance of 30 km from the city of Ploiesti.
It is situated on a land area of 2 ha (composed of 1 ha sheepfold, plum orchard productive 3000 sqm, 5,000 sqm of vines). The access it is done through an asphalted road with lighting.
It is composed of two types of building: administrative building and building for production and storage.

Administrative buildings consist of: technical room for drugs and equipment, a pantry, two kitchens, two staff bedrooms, bathroom, a cellar, a room for processing dairy products. They are built of brick, plastered and data paint, joinery is PVC double glazing, roof is tin. The heating is done with the current central heating.
Production and storage buildings consist of:
-1 Grain warehouse with an area of 12 square meters;
-4 Bird aviaries with an area of 36 square meters each;
-1 Cattle manure 4 × 4 m 3 speakers each room and a feed warehouse;
– 1 5 speakers swine barn 2.5 x 3 m each room deposit and feed;
-2 Winter stables for sheep with an area of 440 sqm and 360 sqm;
-1 Saivan goats with an area of 390 square meters;
-2 Lanterns constructed from steel pipe concrete poles, covered with galvanized sheet, with the following dimensions: first L = 40ml, 8ml = l, h = 9m (with a capacity of 2880 cubic meters) and second with dimensions L = 54 ml l = 6m, h = 9 mL (with a capacity of 2916 cubic meters).
Utilities: municipal tap water, and a drilled to a depth of 20m (pump, stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 6000 liters, water tank), electricity 220 W and 380 W, paved road and lighting.

The sale price of the farm as a business, including the property  / assets / and animals (620 sheep, 380 goats heads, two pigs and 32 cattle heads) is 220,000 euros negotiable.
The farm is in operation and produces income.

This is an excellent business and investment opportunity in agriculture in Romania, in animal farming.

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