Romanian company looking to become distributor of rechargeable batteries / energy accumulators systems

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Romanian company interested to become the distributor / representative of a Rechargeable  batteries / energy accumulator manufacturers with the capacity of 50 Ah – 200 Ah.

The rechargeable batteries shall perform very well especially in the cold areas / extremely low temperatures as they are gonna be used to store and supply energy for remote areas in the mountains for video surveillance cameras / systems, lighting devices, sensors and maritime beacons.

The rechargeable batteries systems shall have also the system to charge from small solar panels and then supply the energy to the above mentioned devices / applications.

Interested manufacturers looking to find distributor in Romania and get n contact with this listing owner, are invited to Request Invitation to the Business Exchange Day online B2B , so they can match and speak directly with the Romanian distribution company.

The Interest:

Buy Goods / Services

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Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Stable

Type of Proposal: Buy Business, Assets or Products. Invest or Lend Capital

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Main Reason for Sale: Age / Retirement

Country (where operating): Romania,


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