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Romanian business for sale: manufacturer of wooden doors, windows, parquet, garden furniture and other wooden products

The wooden doors and windows Romanian manufacturing company for sale is a limited liability (SRL) with 3 shareholders – Romanian citizens, is located in the East of the country and has a tradition of over 20 years in wood processing. Production is organized in 3 facilites: – INTERIOR and EXTERIOR DOORS, – WINDOWS – SEMI-FABRICATED, LAMINATED BEAMS, PANELS, PROFILED ELEMENTS. […]

Profitable Company with a tradition of over 60 years in the production of precast concrete components for the construction of railways and roads, for sale

The Romanian company for sale has a tradition of over 60 years in the production of prefabricated concrete components for railways and roads, prefabricated slabs, platform slabs, channels and covers for cables, terminals and other prefabricated products used in railway and road works as well as the production of quarry aggregates, especially broken stone for the railway. The business is […]

The owner of a fully equipped alcohol factory, currently in conservation, is looking for a business partner to finance the restart of the business

The value of the investment necessary to restart the factory on the main object of existing activity, respectively the production of alcohol from cereals: ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, sanitary alcohol, technical alcohol, food alcohol products, is in the amount of approximately 5,000,000 Euro. This investment is necessary for carrying out repairs and modernizations, but also for ensuring the working capital […]

One of the largest privately-owned Romanian company, specialized in the design and manufacture of gantry cranes, cranes and lifting installations is looking for a business partner which can invest in the growth of the business, by increasing the production capacity

The Romanian company seeking for an investor is a family business, founded in 1999 out of a nucleus of engineers having great experience in the field of lifting installations, for designing and execution works. Currently, the company is specialized in the design, fabrication, assembling, repairs and modernizations of the lifting installations, various platework, hydraulic installations, electric installation and automation, industrial […]

Profitable Romanian Production and Distribution company acting in the beauty industry – for sale

The Romanian company for sale, was set-up 25 years ago as a Limited Liability Company (SRL), and nowdays is a producer and distributor of hair removal products for different parts of the body, made from 80% of biodegradable materials. It was started-up by a family passioned about chemistry and creating high quality products for safe hair removing.  The brand has […]

Furniture factory for sale (wood processing and furniture production). Profitable business!

The furniture factory for sale, is owned by a profitable Romanian company with an uninterrupted activity of almost 30 years in the field of wood processing and furniture production in Romania. The whole production of the factory is exported to international traditional customers. The sale options of the business are: Joint-venture / Association (minority package) Full sale The intention of […]

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Business paradigms are changing rapidly, being sensitively influenced by geo-political, technological and economical factors that are not related to the national context only. These changes can generate both threats and opportunities for firms.

The international perspective is increasingly important for any organization.

Companies need to collaborate with governments and diplomats, NGOs and other local and international economic influential groups to maintain and develop their market place and solve problems whose solving is no longer only in their power.

In order to operate sustainably and protect their interests in the markets, companies need to develop internal competencies that enable them to create, cultivate and manage high-level relationships with interest groups, governmental, non-governmental and private factors that are influential and relevant to the company’s activity.

This requires a way of being.

Diplomacy360© Program can provide visionary businessmen with kind of tools and methods that they need to succeed in the 21st Century. Diplomat-businessman relationship is mutually beneficial.

Business Diplomacy Program is an exceptional international platform where diplomats, business people and other international experts meet to discuss the ways in which business leaders interested in becoming more competitive, can utilise methods and techniques from diplomacy to anticipate threats and exploit opportunities arising from geopolitical changes, avoid conflicts, and make strategic alliances to protect their interests, address the issues and develop international businesses.

In the 21’st century every one is a diplomat, or they are outside the debate.

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