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Our major projects:

We have developed in the recent years, the first and most comprehensive international digital matchmaking platform, where decision makers can find new business partners and opportunities for company’s development and growth, as well as businesses for sale and investment deals.

In the 21’st century every one is a diplomat, or they are outside the debate.

Participating in the GBC Events, you can expand your networking with quality professional connections.



Complex workshops and trainings, for those who want to become professionals in Brokerage. Training sessions are organised by us in partnership with ANBAR.

Recommended for: Consultants and professionals in M & A, private equity and corporate finance, real estate brokers, agents, investment, stock brokerage and insurance consultants, Lawyers, assessors, auditors, accountants, experts from the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, associations, Investors, financiers, business customers and all those interested in new career opportunities and personal development.

The training program on “Business Diplomacy” in Romania

In contextul globalizarii afacerilor si al luptei pentru piete si clienti, decidentii in afaceri trebuie sa isi gaseasca noi metode si tehnici pentru a reusi.

Afacerile sunt afectate de evolutiile de pe scena internationala, mediul de afaceri fiind – datorita unor factori si riscuri noi – mai schimbator si impredictibil ca niciodata. Este adevarat ca acesti factori creeaza vulnerabilitati, dar si oportunitati.

Paradigmele de business se schimba des, fiind sensibil influentate de factori tehnologici, economici, sociali si geopolitici globali.

Companiile trebuie sa colaboreze cu guvernele si diplomatii, ONG-urile si alte grupuri de influenta economica locala si internationala, pentru a-si mentine si dezvolta locul in piata si a-si rezolva problemele a caror solutionare nu mai sta doar in puterea lor.

Pentru a minimiza riscurile si pentru a proteja interesele pe piete, companiile trebuie sa-si dezvolte competente interne pentru crearea, cultivarea si managementul relatiilor de nivel inalt, cu factori guvernamentali si neguvernamentali influenti si relevanti pentru activitatea companiei.

Acest lucru necesita o cunoastere profunda si actualizata a ceeace generic numim Business Diplomacy.

In support of it’s partners and for those who want to start a new venture or become part of RBE Connect, we offer a series of tutorials to those who are interested.


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