The owner of a fully equipped alcohol factory, currently in conservation, is looking for a business partner to finance the restart of the business

Proposal's Value (EUR): 5000000

Proposal Description:

The value of the investment necessary to restart the factory on the main object of existing activity, respectively the production of alcohol from cereals: ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, sanitary alcohol, technical alcohol, food alcohol products, is in the amount of approximately 5,000,000 Euro. This investment is necessary for carrying out repairs and modernizations, but also for ensuring the working capital in order to purchase raw materials and guarantee the payment of the expenses necessary for the operation until the collection of invoices from customers.

For that contribution, the current owner is willing to transfer 20% of the business to the new investor. The amortization of the investment can be repaid in approximately 36 months, according to the financial calculations.

The current owner guarantees that the factory is functional and can be put back into operation at any time.

The factory is located in one of the big cities in the eastern part of Romania, on a land area of ​​21,000 sqm on which are located 15 buildings with a total built area of ​​5,000 sqm, with the destination of production and storage necessary for the activity. The location is strategic for this type of business, due to the fact that the raw material (corn) is a resource available in the area. The factory has all the necessary utilities for the activity of production, processing, bottling, storage (electricity, gas, own water wells, water-sewer), and is equipped with all the machinery, installations, equipment and technical means necessary for the production process, preparation , bottling, storage. The daily production capacity is 30,000 l of alcohol, and of maximum 10,000,000 l per year, respectively, possible to be achieved with a number of 40 employees. The existing storage capacities (stainless steel tanks) are of maximum 500,000 l. The facility has direct access to the main car transport route.

In addition to the main activity, the business can also develop in the area of ​​production of sanitary alcohol and biocides – additional directions for business development in the current context marked by the pandemic, but also alcoholic beverages under its own brand. And these new development directions can be the subject of strategic discussion with interested partners.

Interested parties in this business opportunity are invited to communicate their intention through email at [email protected], phone +40212665677 and you will be contacted by an RBE Connect business broker.

The Interest:

Vanzare Afacere

Strategic Partnership : , , Business Growth

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Stable

Type of Proposal: Sell a Business, Assets or Products. Get Capital

Type of Business: alcohol factory

Main Reason for Sale: Lack of Capital

Buyer Support: 3 luni

Country (where operating): Romania,


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