The ROMANIAN BUSINESS EXCHANGE is an innovative business matchmaking platform, providing market entry services, market research, and professional business intermediary and advisory services in Romania.
We assist business owners, companies and investors with: mergers & acquisitions, financing, joint-ventures, business valuation, corporate restructuring and business development.



We facilitate and accelerate market entry for international companies and investors looking to enter the market either directly or through a suitable, qualified, and reliable business partner in Romania.

Why work with us

+ We know how to take advantage to the latest technology trends and software innovation and digital marketing techniques, in order to connect you very quickly to potential business partners. Call us and you will find out how quick we move and act nowadays!
+ We are well connected with main business players around the world, and we can support you find the right solution for your needs.
+ We have international business EXPERIENCE and know how to assist you with market entry, market research, the development, restructuring, sale or purchase of a business for sale, in order to take advantage of current business opportunities. We can also help you with establishing successful business partnerships;
+ We know how to structure your business needs in order to turn them into VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPOSALS;
+ We know that PROMOTION is key and we rely on a national and international network of partners to provide the best visibility for your business proposal. We are DEAL MAKERS;
+ Our approach is tailored toward maintaining total CONFIDENTIALITY throughout the entire business negociation process.

Mission Statement

Business People and Companies join The Romanian Business Exchange to find Business Partners, Invest Capital, Expand the Business to New Markets, Trade or Prepare their Company for Sale.
Our mission is to connect the business people to new opportunities, markets, fresh deals, ideas and last but not the least to other people they can do business with. And we aim to do that internationally, supported by our global network of business partners we have built during the last 10 years.

Our Philosophy

We stand on maintaining high quality of our business network, and we are ready to share that with interested business partners.

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