Fiscal code of Romania Law no. 227/2015

income tax

Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code in 2016

last updated income tax code: the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 32 of June 28, 2016

Annotated edition of the Methodological Norms approved by H. G. 1/2016,
Last Updated: Government Decision no. 159 of March 11, 2016 Romania

and orders for the implementation of the Tax Code Romania
issued until August 19, 2016

TITLE I – General Provisions

CHAPTER I – Purpose and scope of the Tax Code

Art. 1 – Purpose and scope of the Tax Code

ART. 2 – Taxes, duties and mandatory social contributions regulated by the Tax Code

CHAPTER II – application and amendment of the Fiscal Code

Art. 3 – The principles of taxation

Art. 4 – Amending and supplementing the Fiscal Code Romania

Art. 5 – Norms, instructions and orders

Art. 6 – Consistent application of legislation

CHAPTER III – Definitions

Art. 7 – Definitions of common terms

Art. 8 – The definition of permanent establishment

CHAPTER IV – rules of general application

Art. 9 – currency payment and calculation of taxes

ART. 10 – Income in kind. income tax Romania

Art. 11 – Special provisions for the application of the Tax Code Romania

ART. 12 – Income from Romania by non-residents

income tax codul-fiscal-taxe-impozit-profit-tvaTITLE II – Income Tax

CHAPTER I – General Provisions

ART. 13 – Contributors

ART. 14 – The scope of the income tax

Art. 15 – Special tax rules

ART. 16 – The fiscal year

ART. 17 – The income tax rate

Art. 18 – Special scheme for Romanian taxpayers engaged in night bars, nightclubs, discotheques, business casinos Bucharest Romania

CHAPTER II – Calculation of earnings tax

Art. 19 – General rules, income tax

ART. 20 – Deductions for R & D expenses

ART. 21 – Fiscal rules for taxpayers who apply accounting regulations in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards

ART. 22 – The tax exemption for reinvested profit

ART. 23 – Non-taxable income

ART. 24 – Taxation of dividends received from Member States of the European Union Romania

ART. 25 – Expenses

ART. 26 – Provisions / adjustments for depreciation and reserves

ART. 27 – Interest expenses and exchange differences

ART. 28 – Tax depreciation

ART. 29 – Leases

ART. 30 – Contracts trust

ART. 31 – tax losses

ART. 32 – The fiscal regime applicable to mergers, divisions total, partial divisions, transfers of business partner and assets and tax code acquisitions of shareholdings between Romanian legal

ART. 33 – System of taxation applicable to mergers, divisions total, partial divisions, transfers of assets real estate properties and exchanges of shares concerning companies of Romania and companies of other Member States of the European Union

ART. 34 – Business Combinations or unincorporated

Art. 35 – General rules of legal entities domiciled in Romania, established under the laws of European income tax and foreign legal entities which belong to exercise effective leadership in Romania

CHAPTER III – International tax issues tax code

ART. 36 – The result of a permanent tax

ART. 37 – The result of the fiscal tax code foreign legal entity operating through multiple permanent income tax establishments in Romania

ART. 38 – The income of a foreign legal entity from the transfer of real estate located in Romania or any rights on these properties, business for sale income tax revenues from natural resources located in Romania and income business ideas

ART. 39 – Avoidance of double taxation

ART. 40 – Foreign tax losses

CHAPTER IV – Payment of tax and lodging tax

ART. 41 – Declaration and payment of profit tax cf Tax Code

ART. 42 – Filing tax declaration

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