Entrepreneur, looking for a Mentor!


Anyone who has an entrepreneurial initiative and is just starting up a business, or already have previous entrepreneurial experience, no matter how sophisticated is, need in our opinion a Mentor.

Blessed is the entrepreneur who realize that in time.


Whether they are young persons who have their first Entrepreneurial initiatives, or who have a business idea and does not know “if her to go” but has the courage to begin and wisdom and luck to find a “friend” with whom to talk about it, it will be in their best interest to find someone to speak with.

 This person, we call him Mentor.

The main aspects that a mentor should i can clarify an entrepreneur as:

  1. Is there is a market for the business idea?
  2. How do you sign  the first contract with the customer ? Not many customers will sign with start-ups.
  3. Your plan is covering both in terms of budget that you expected but the time in which you think you get to make profit?
  4. Did you take into account all the main elements that can contribute to your business success?
  5. How do you organize the business?
  6. Not “get out in boats” beginning with luxurious headquarters and other “accessories” unnecessary business – such as the latest super computers, expensive secretary J, most often completely useless but costly.
  7. How to market your business effectively, to increase your brand and attract and retain your customers?
  8. Marketing and communication strategy you can ensure success in business.

There are sites where you can promote your company for free – include it in the list of companies / business directory, you can list business opportunities and transactions and even free press releases. 

Any entrepreneur need to understand that their chance is to grow fast is higher with a mentor. Launch new products and services, Troubleshooting employees, including those with managerial functions or important positions in the company are real challenges. Developing a strategic business network is another very important aspect, where a good business mentor can help the entrepreneur connect with the business people that you need to obtain working capital, financing or orders.

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