The Romanian Government published today the Foreign Investor’s Guide 2016

The Foreign Investor’s guide 2016

Investing in Romania

Dear Reader,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Romania. Some of you have been present here, active and prosperous for so many years, that you form an integral part of my country and its success story. Others might be yet unfamiliar with Romania’s value proposition. Our goal is to create a guide that both old-timers and newcomers would find informative and which would convince you of our dedication to Romania’s ongoing economic transformation.

In the past 16 years, Romania’s USD GDP quintupled, and its
output grew significantly in sophistication and quality. This success story was written by the highly qualified Romanian workforce, women and men who contributed to the design of the Mars Rover, created one of the leading cybersecurity firms worldwide, manufactured critical components for a leading aircraft brand to be found in every newly produced jet, built tires for Formula One cars, designed technologies for EVs and autonomous vehicles, built high tech 3D printers, employed their creativity to win film festivals or to develop innovative software solutions, to name but a few.

This guide will help you understand Romania’s competitive advantages and how to best lever- age them. We know that every investor story is different and are committed to providing our full support in making your journey a success.

Every year Romania adds another USD 8 billion to its economy. Visit us to understand how. Become part of our success story.


Manuel Costescu Head of InvestRomania


152 Calea Victoriei Bucharest, Romania
+4 (0) 21 318 5052 [email protected]


Table of Contents


Investment Climate

Why invest in Romania

Ease of doing business 5 FDI stock evolution

FDI by country of origin and sector

Attractive regions for FDI
FDI stock by activity sectors 7 Success stories



Macroeconomic outlook

Business cycle evolution

Public finance
Labor force

Energy and resources


Regional development

Key facts and figures by region


Business Ecosystem

Ways of doing business
Legal structures
Starting a company
Setting up a branch office

A branch vs a subsidiary
Competition law regulation


Financing Availability

Local banking products
Financing through EU Funds

Financing through the Ministry of Economy

State Aid Schemes

Investment plan for Europe


Employment and Labor Law

Labor Law Regulation

Types of contracts
Employment cost structure


Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy overview

Direct taxes
Corporate income tax

Personal income tax

Indirect taxes – VAT

Fscal incentives


Living in Romania

Cost of living

Expat community
Living in Romania
International Schools

investing money in Romania investment opportunities business ideas


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