Leading Czech manufacturer of radar technology, command and control systems for the civil and defence use, is exploring the Romanian market

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Since 1993 we have been a Czech company performing its own research and high quality manufacturing. We can boast many years of experience and have successfully implemented a large number of projects not only for major domestic clients but also for customers in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

RETIA, a.s.

The uniqueness of RETIA lies in the extensive expertise of our employees who are able to resolve complex tasks in all areas of the Company business.

Our company is member of industrial group CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and its division CSG Aerospace.

Today we have our own modern research and production facility with the technical equipment used for development, production and testing.

We would not have achieved our success without the loyal and enthusiastic employees who have been involved in the Company development year after year.

We have been able to achieve great results

Quality is our primary criterion. Very successful radar and surface-to-air missile system modernisation projects bring many benefits to our clients including extended service life, considerable financial savings and reduced operational costs. At the same time, we develop customised command and control systems, new radars, recording systems, UWB localisation systems and communication systems. An important achievement has been our participation on the delivery and implementation of 3D radar type MADR for the Czech Republic.

The company is exploring the Romanian market.

Interested parties are invited to send their presentation and interest to the Romanian Business Exchange in order get an invitation to the Romanian – Czech Business Exchange and schedule an online video meeting with RETIA representative.

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