The owner of two online platforms very relevant for the HR field (recruitment and job postings) is looking for a business partner to develop the business at the next level

Proposal's Value (EUR): 40.000

Proposal Description:

One of the platforms is specialized in the legal field and the second is a generalist one.

The specialized platform in the legal field was launched about 3 years ago, the business grew organically. On Facebook, the platform currently has almost 7000 followers, on the site there are over 1000 active users, with an average of 7 applications for each job posted.

The sites are well indexed in Google, and can be found in the top by the most important and relevant keywords in the field and services offered.

The current owner has developed the platforms both technically and commercially, within the available budget and now wants to find an investor / partner with whom to promote the platforms to exploit their potential.

The new business partner should acquire a package of shares in the business (both the minority and majority package is available) and also have a capital of at least 40,000 Euros to be invested in promoting and continuing the business by attracting companies to list their job postings.

The price for taking over the minority / majority package in one or both of the platforms will be discussed with those interested in investing and getting really involved in business development in this field. Depending on the terms, the platforms can also be purchased in full.

A. Description of the platform specialized in recruitment announcements in the legal field

1) Website hosting

The site is hosted on a Linux server (Ubuntu 18.04), on which Nginx, PHP 7.4 (latest version), MySQL and Redis are installed, which gives it a higher loading speed of the site. To reduce the number of database calls, Redis, a caching system, has been installed so that all the data on the most frequently visited pages is saved in the server’s RAM.

The site is hosted on a VPS with 2gb ram, 2 processors and 20gb space for the web application, while photos, videos, pdfs and other documents are hosted separately, on another platform that has 75gb free for hosting. Thus, with 2.9 euros per month, the whole site is hosted.

2) Application security

The site benefits from an SSL certificate, and the Cloudflare system is used to increase security, so that malicious traffic is automatically blocked. Both the SSL certificate and the Cloudflare account are Free.

3) Mail

A system is used to send emails that offers them 64,000 free emails per month, with a limit of 10 emails sent per second.

The email addresses are hosted through Zoho Mail, a free email service that allows 5 emails of 5gb each for a custom domain.

4) Trademark

5) Monetization

The site is designed on a WordPress platform, highly customizable, which allows the creation of tariff packages for both companies and candidates.

The plans and services offered are much more consistent than what the competition offers, a lot of work has been done to develop them.

6) Payment processor

To make the payments, they integrated the MobilPay payment processor, which has a 1% commission, which is very good, compared to Stripe, for example, which has around 3%.

7) Other Information

The theme is a custom, well thought out one, which is easy to edit and customize.

Recently, there is an organic traffic of 350-500 unique visitors daily according to Google Analytics.

The site allows authentication with: Facebook, Google or LinkedIn, to which is added the registration by email.

Google Recaptcha is integrated to prevent spam, so people who register / authenticate may be required to complete the recaptcha code.

B. The general platform has the same structure from a technical point of view, being launched at the beginning of this year. This platform uses a premium domain, very relevant to the domain, and desired by many people. Many users enter the site directly due to the well-known domain.

Currently, without an organized effort to attract clients and without an aggressive promotion, on the platforms there are recruitment announcements from several law firms and organizations with legal specifics and from companies from which we mention: NTT Data, De ‘ Longhi, Destine Broker.

The owner is in talks with Accenture to offer them a plan to promote their recruitment ads.

Investors interested in the online field and / or who have synergies with the HR or legal field, are invited to express their interest through the contact form or to contact us by phone 0212665677 or by email [email protected]

The Interest:

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Growing

Type of Proposal: Sell a Business, Assets or Products. Get Capital

Type of Business: Applications, Platforma online de recrutare, Platforme online

Main Reason for Sale: Lack of Capital

Buyer Support: 3 months

Country (where operating): Romania,


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