Pellet factory for sale located in the western part of the country. Ongoing contracts – stable customers, source of insured raw material.

Proposal's Value (EUR): 250000

Proposal Description:

The pellet factory for sale has been operating since 2015 in a rented space consisting of 4 production halls, where the two production lines are located, the storage space for raw materials and finished products and an office building, all arranged on a land with an area of ​​14,000 sqm, the location being in the west of the country near the highway Timisoara – Deva – Sibiu.

The price requested by the seller per business is 320,000 euros + VAT, the proposed transaction being a business transfer (machinery, equipment, employees, customers and suppliers, trademark, website, as well as innovative recipes for making energy willow pellets).

The investment in the acquisition of this factory could be amortized in 2 years.

The average production capacity of the factory is 1.5 Tons / H => average production of 10 Tons / 8 H => 24 tons with 3 shifts.

The average capacity achieved by the company was 7 Tons / 8 H per shift. The complete list of machinery and equipment will be provided upon request to those interested.

The selling price of the pellets at the factory gate is 1,200 lei / Ton + VAT.

The rent for the spaces in use is an advantageous one, in the amount of 700 Euro / month to which utilities are added, the contract can be extended depending on the preferences of the new buyer. The property can be purchased if the buyer is interested.

The pellets are certified according to the European norms of type A1 premium eco-sustainable according to their own personalized recipe and have an energy power of 5.9 kWh / kg, far above the European norms in the field.

Frequently, they are packed in 15kg plastic bags with the option of aumple and 1to big-bag bags.

Average number of collaborating employees 7.

The business operates independently of the owner, with a manager employed in this regard.

The raw material is available in the area, and is purchased from various suppliers at a price of 33 Euro / to + VAT, as well as from a plantation that is owned (in a separate company) by the same owner. The plantation is not subject to the sale of the company that produces pellets, but the current owner can facilitate in the sale transaction, the continuation of the contract for the supply of raw materials from the energy willow plantation located 12 km from the pellet factory.

The profit that can be achieved for 3300 tons / pellets / year is 165,000 Euro


  • electricity 410 kwa
  • water with water tank and fire line with its own pumping system

The business has all the operating permits, from ISU and the environment.

The station for international freight transport is at a distance of 150m.

On the same street, there are 5 other suppliers of acacia sawdust – the raw material for pellets.

The clients are approximately 30-50 in number and are both legal and individual persons, a large part of them being recurrent.

The business currently has the possibility to take orders from Greece 1400 to / year with the price of 165 Euro / to ex-works Faget. Profit 60 Euro / to.

There is a registered trademark, which will be transferred to the new comparator.

In order to maintain a substantial rate of profit, the company’s commercial policy has so far been to focus on sales – deliveries directly to end customers, and not to distribute products through specialized chains. And the lack of working capital necessary to achieve large production volumes (required by these chains, and which could otherwise be achieved with current equipment), favored this commercial approach.

The buyer will benefit from the support of the current owner to take over the business, employees, customers and suppliers safely.

The buyer should invest another 15,000 Euros in small upgrades and another 20,000 Euros in working capital to take over existing orders but not valued due to limited equity.

The growth potential of the business is significant, given the existence of raw materials in the immediate vicinity (there are 5 sawdust suppliers on the same street, to which is added the possibility of extending the contract with the plantation of the current owner of the pellet factory for sale).

The necessary investment to supplement the production capacity with another 2to / h is 180,000 Euro for a fully automated line.

The company has no bank loans or debts to the state.

The current existing production lines are for production in Germany and Italy.

Potential investors / buyers interested in this sale business are invited to express their interest through the contact form or to contact us by phone 0212665677 or by email [email protected]

The Interest:

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Stable

Type of Proposal: Sell a Business, Assets or Products. Get Capital

Type of Business: Pellet Factory

Main Reason for Sale: Age / Retirement

Buyer Support: 3 luni

Accept plata in transe a pretului: Accept plata in transe a pretului

Country (where operating): Romania,


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