Business Diplomacy as a result of some knowledge transfer from Diplomacy to Business

For centuries, Diplomacy and its related concepts eg Economic Diplomacy, Commercial Diplomacy, Corporate Diplomacy and recently Business Diplomacy , have been considered as a set of tools and techniques used only by the elites of this world to communicate and negotiate solely issues of state.

There have been important moments during our existence on this Earth when, for the greater good and evolution of our civilization, certain “know-how” has been transferred down from a “higher level” in order to help some paradigms move to the next stage of sustainable development.

Referring to the transfer of Diplomatic knowledge to Business, we may say that this process has already begun since such techniques are already being applied by Multinationals in particular. This is what Business Diplomacy is about.

Is there a need for a global ethical approach to such transfers and applications, especially considering that in small countries the Multinationals will be the first to take advantage in front of the local companies, from such know-how transfer?

Business Diplomacy is the way that international business uses the diplomatic know-how and the Commercial Diplomacy’s resources, to achieve its business goals in the home or host country.

We wish these goals to be equitable, sustainable, achieved on an ethical way and for all parties benefit at a global scale, but just including those values in a definition do not give any guarantee that will be taken into consideration by most of the international business people.

Business Diplomacy 1 diplomatia in Afaceri Valentin Preda


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