How many valuable business connections do you have in your business networking? If you want to grow your business, increase the number of your quality business connections and build trust!

Business Networking in Romania

The value of a business connection can be easily measured after a while, in the most intuitive way possible: One business contact that generates you business and help you find new fresh deals that make you earn money, is a precious relationship. If someone in your business networking is an industry leader, then that person is also a valuable connection for you.

From this point, it depends on you, how you succeed to extend your business contacts among other people’s business networking. That means you will capitalize the existing business contacts you already have, and broadens your scope of action outside your own business group.

Today we have three recommendations for those who want more than to make networking or maintain their own business network:

  1. Build and maintain your business networking based on trust

Once you’ve won a quality business connection, develop the relationships, confirm and strengthen confidence through networking well done.

First impression matter a lot. It is always important who make your introduction to a new business contact, but if you want to turn that contact into a real business relationship to generate new business transactions and opportunities for your company, you need to build confidence with that person.

Building the relationship with a new business connection, it’s an investment from your part (eg you need to attend different kind of business events in Romania specialised in real estate if that is your business interest for instance etc). And you hope you can gain more business out of your networking. Before you invest seriously in a new relationship, perform your own checks in the other person, and do your calculations on the cost to maintain the relationship with that person.

Next week The Romanian Business Exchange will present you the other two recommendations you need to follow to improve your business networking skills.

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