ANIMAL VETEX International Veterinary Fair

DATA: 3 April 2016 – 7 April 2016



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ANIMAL VETEX International Veterinary Fair Romanian Business Exchange

ANIMAL VETEX International Veterinary Fair will be held between 03/04/2016 – 07/04/2016 in Brno, Czech Republic.

Over more than twenty years of their successful existence, the TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX, SILVA REGINA, BIOMASS fairs have developed into a prestigious event with a high professional credit, being one of the leading events of this kind in Central Europe. This is also demonstrated by the results of the 2014 edition, which was the most successful in its history.

The 2016 edition has the best prerequisites to achieve even a greater success.

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ANIMAL VETEX International Veterinary Fair 2016:

  • As part of the largest agricultural fair in Central Europe

  • technologies for animal breeding

  • feeds, feed mixtures, additives

  • veterinary products

  • reproductive technologies, equipment for livestock production

  • rich supporting programme

  • expected number of over 100,000 visitors

  • Central European veterinary congress focusing on the current topics of antibiotics policy

  • greatest beekeeping show

  • livestock show

  • held concurrently with the agricultural fair TECHAGRO, forestry and hunting fair SILVA REGINA and fair focusing on renewable energies in agriculture and forestry BIOMASS.

ANIMAL VETEX International Veterinary Fair Romanian Business Exchange 1


  • Diagnostics and drugs

  • Veterinary apparatus and equipment

  • Veterinary laboratory equipment

  • Animals

  • Feeds and dietetics

  • Instruments and devices for animal hygiene and sanitation

  • Transportation and handling equipment

  • Working and operation equipment

  • Informatics and literature for veterinary medicine

  • Operation and services

  • Institutes and organisations in veterinary medicine

Here you will find all the organizational details, including prices for servicesANIMAL VETEX 2016

Here you will find the statistical data from last editionAMPER 2016

Do you want to support your image, make new contacts, and enter the Central European market? Join us!

The Romanian Business Exchange became the official representative of BVV Trade Fairs Brno – Czech Republic, for the Romanian market!

For more information about the trade fairs, feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to meet you at ANIMAL VETEX International Veterinary Fair in Brno!



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