NEI Pandorra Business Management SRL

8 Strada Giacomo Puccini, Bucharest, Romania
8 Strada Giacomo Puccini București Municipiul București RO

Pandora was born from the idea that the current daily space, the product similarity and confusing amalgam of communication, we need something else to be noted. Her experience is based on all those things seemingly unimportant but overall regarded add value and uniqueness.
Her vision is that every company, every individual and every action or gesture are unique context and content, and it can provide ideas born revival in the corporate personality. In view Pandorra companies are people with different personalities most enjoy, cry or suffer from nostalgia and all that it offers options for communicating emotional states and encourages them to market.
Whether you want a new perspective on your business or project, whether you want a single event or a way to be noticed, whether you want a market analysis or support services for your project Pandorra answer you. Business consulting, training for company employees, marketing and communication strategy, unusual events or just ideas for your project, all of this and a little more are now a click away. Ask us!

Type of Company
Consultant, Service Provider

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