The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania–The National Chamber

2 Octavian Goga Blvd Bucharest
34 Bulevardul Mircea Vodă București Municipiul București RO
(+40) 21 319.00.91(+40) 21 319.00.91
(+40) 21319.00.92

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania – The National Chamber – is a nongovernmental, independent, non-profit, public utility organization, with legal identity, intended to represent, support and defend the general interests of the business community in Romania. The role of the National Chamber is to promote and pursue the development of industry, commerce, services and agriculture, in line with the market economy requirements.

The Romanian Chamber System consists of the National Chamber which is the representation vector of the Chamber System, the County Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Bucharest Municipality and the Bilateral Chambers.

The National Chamber collaborates with over 50 national public, central and local institutions, being a voice in Governmental committees and working groups and Parliament, Government and Presidency consultative organizations and with over 170 organizations worldwide and is an active, rightful member of the following international representative organizations: ICC, Eurochambers, ABC, BSEC-BC.

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Phone of the Contact Person
(+40) 21 319.00.91

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