Under the well-known brand «Style, Comfort, Durability – Romanian Furniture SIMEX» we manufacture a wide range of furniture: bedrooms, dining rooms, bookcases, living rooms, tables, chairs etc., in a wide range of styles and colors, made from oak, walnut, cherry, beach etc.

The multitude of styles made in our factories allows you to decorate your interior design by your own preferences and tastes.


Our company SIMEX consists in 4 furniture factories which operate without interruption since 1950.

 We have 920 workers, our own creation and design unit, the most modern devices and best professionals in the art of woodworking.

We have a large distribution network in Romania, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

SIMEX continues the tradition for over a century in the production of solid wood furniture.

Activitati principale:
Productie, Export
Interes de afaceri:
Dezvoltare afacere existenta, Gasire partener de afaceri strategic, Identificare distribuitori, Export
Simleu Silvaniei
Cehei Street 100
Functia in Organizatie
Director General

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