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This business has grown top online sales as demand for its high-quality products, attention to details, outstanding designed products with an eye to luxury’s and modern styles, excellent and prompt customer service; all these qualities allowed us to have the best Online Flowers & Gifts Shop in an affluent area of Milan, Como and throughout Italy. Our Specialty are Fresh Flowers, Flowers Boxes, Preserved Rose Boxes and Luxury Gifts.

A new owner would benefit greatly from the business’s established reputation in the market.

How we work – Our Approach
A well known Italian brand, a revolutionary e-commerce, one-of-a-kind florist that provides a unique flower & Gifts delivery service. We’re always on the lookout for exclusive new flowers varieties and on-trend colors to ensure you can enjoy an ever-evolving range of boutique flowers. Our signature collection of Luxury Flowers and Boxes, features our finest all-season bouquets for you to send all year round. All our products with fresh flowers and preserved flowers are Hand Made in Italy in our lab near Milan.

We offer an assortment of cut flowers, plants, colorful bouquets, preserved roses, dried flowers and original accessories, ideal gifts to make every special occasion, from traditional one to one more romantic. We offer same-day delivery to Milan, Monza, Como and surroundings and Next Day Delivery across Italy and Europa ( Area EU)

We receive orders from all over the world and are well known for our focus on seasonality and sustainability in design, and our discretion and collaborative approach.

Cut flowers are imported directly from Holland every day and arrive in our warehouse as they were freshly picked from the lawn! We buy directly from the Dutch Auction and from Italian farmers.

We have a team of well-trained and experienced drivers, trained in handling flowers, ensuring that our flowers reach our recipients in just as good condition as when they left our lab.

We offer also a full wedding services, from bridal flowers, church and table displays to wedding favours or sweet table design. Our services are suitable for wedding receptions, corporate or private parties. We have a full equipped florist studio in North Milan to provide a complete wedding floral services for venues in Milan, Lombardia, Italian Lakes and Riviera Ligure; sometimes even in Tuscany.

Our laboratory is located inside the biggest wholesaler florist center from North Italy and this important detail allows us to cut out any middleman and ensuring everlasting freshness and great stock quantity; the cost saving is passed on to our customers. We are well famed for being able to handle last-minute requests, no matter how large and extravagant they may be.

We only deals with “A-type” class quality of Flowers

Business Opportunities
The business have an incredible potential on the online market, providing a unique opportunity for new owners to continue to take advantage of the reputation and presence in an ever increase market as customers continue to move towards the convenience of online shopping.
With the right person behind the business, it can really take advantage of the coming Xmas season, Valentine’s Day, Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day.

There is a huge opportunity for a new owner to work remotely by hiring qualified staff in Italy. We are available to train a new team to meet the demands and expand the business to its true value.

How does the business generate revenue?
Our primary source of traffic is Organic. The shop ranks high in search engines for a lot of product name keywords. Many sales are generated with little to no marketing because of this. We are dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction for new and returning customers alike. The brand has innovating the italian concept of online flowers, with a well-designed product and an exclusive service for the client. The industry’s average per order value is closed to 30/40€. Our average order upwards to 170/190€. We gained the trust of demanding international clientele with an excellent spending capacity. Our majority of clients, up to 80% comes from international countries ( especially USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, UAE, Canada, Russia, India, France, Spain, Germany.. )
In addition to the famous bouquets with 100/150 Roses and seasonal compositions for every occasion, we have exclusively for Italy the extremely elegant and reusable signature Flower Boxes filled with fresh flowers or preserved roses. We also offer a series of complementary items, such as pralines, champagne, perfumes to give a truly complete and refined service.

We have a medium to high-level weddings starting from 4000€, a large portfolio of photos from one of the best wedding photographers.

Our Story & Vision
We created a Luxury Floral & Gifting Brand, specialising in exquisite floral creations for every occasion. From stunning Gifts and seasonal Bouquets delivered to your door, to wedding & event flowers, to corporate displays and hospitality flowers, we are one of the best online florists in Milan.

Born out of a Passion for cutting edge floral design and luxury craftsmanship, our aim is to make every purchase a unique and luxurious experience.

Starting as a family business, we founded our brand 9 years ago after more than 20 years of deep experience in wedding industry, mastering the art of artistic scenography’s and working with some of the most worldwide famous floral designers.

Our big dream was to create an Online Flower Shop to bring the same elegance and artistic touch from weddings industry to other special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries or Valentines and Mother’s Day. With this vision in mind, our Online Flower & Gift Shop was born.

Our focus is on creating warm welcomes, lasting impressions and turning dreams into reality with stunning artisan designs. We offer our clients stress-free, seamless and enjoyable experience every time.

For more information, please contact us by using the form below.

Expansion Potential:

There are a lot of opportunities to new owner for growing revenue and cash flow.

– This is a perfect business model to be managed remotely from anywhere in the world, considering that we have already created a system that works by itself. Suitable for people who love flowers and luxury lifestyle.

– From February 2024 we will launch our new web design powered by Magento 2 to provide a flexible and powerful platform to our users, with amazing visuals, structured navigation, and simple checkout. Elegant design and user-friendly navigation will go perfectly well with our brand name.

-One of the biggest opportunities is Selling on Amazon Marketplace in all 5 European Countries. Suitable products to sell on Amazon are the Preserved Rose Boxes that have a high trend request on the international market. It may be included in gift sets for Birthday’s, New Born or Anniversary – we’re already working on this

-A big opportunity is to open a Shop in Milan. This opportunity could really increase the monthly sells by 5 or 10 times. Our products are in higher demand and a street shop could be a huge opportunity.

Other Opportunities list and Assets included in the sale – on request after a NDA agreement.

Market: We have less or no competition on this area for our online niche.
Trading hours:
Work / Skills Required / Day to Day
We currently have an employee – an experienced floral designer with the ability to handle daily orders and train and guide external staff to handle peak demands.
Task includes: managing day by day orders, creating bouquets, flower boxes and packaging gifts, preparing for delivery, answering customers emails / chats, designing a new flowers and gifts collection every season or calendar season (4/6 times per year)Like owners, we currently spend an average of 4 hours per week on this business, as we live abroad and are already involved in other projects.
Task includes: administration of E-commerce Magento 2 platform, processing new photos, adding new products online with descriptions and prices.
We decide every week or month new offers and attractive prices for selected products.

During the wedding season and the peak periods (like Christmas, Valentines, Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day. ) we work with fully trained freelance florists, who are well versed in all aspects of floristry.
We have a partnership with an external courier service for Milan & hinterland area managing same say hand deliveries and a partnership with DHL courier for next day deliveries across Italy and EU.

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