Opportunity to invest in a cold pressed vegetable oil production unit


We are looking for an investor/collaborator in order to set up a production unit: cold pressed vegetable oil. The investment amounts to a value of around one million Euros, of which approximately 50% is financed from EU funds. In this moment, the company is founded, we have the land where will be the investment, we have all approvals and authorizations and also we have grant funding secured, and in the next period will be concluded the financing contract. The project focuses on following: building a production hall of about 400sqm, connection to utilities related, acquisition of a silo for raw materials, acquisition of a new shelling seeds machine and acquisition of a new cold pressing equipment with a capacity of 250-300 Kg/h and oil storage tanks. The investment is proposed for construction at about 16 Km from Arad, respectively 15 km from the highway A1. The area is very favorable, with a high availability of raw materials. There are not other producers of cold pressed vegetable oil in the area. The proposed factory can process sunflower seeds, soybeans, canola and other seeds for both edible oil and industrial oil. The necessary capital is about 500.000 Euros.
We are open for different types of collaboration: joint ventures, financing etc.

Tipul tranzactiei dorite
Asociere, Vanzare pachet majoritar, Vanzare pachet minoritar
Motivul vanzarii
Lipsa capital
Cifra de afaceri pe ultimul an
1,000 to 1,000Euro
Pretul de vanzare al afacerii:
400,000 to 500,000Euro
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