Asociatia Madalin Anghelescu

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Our association will build a residential complex with 50 houses and public utility buildings:

  • School grades 1-10;
  • Kindergarten;
  • Medical clinic for consultations and treatment;
  • Clinic physiotherapy and medical recovery;
  • Special rooms psychosocial recovery, equipped with special equipment.
  • A pharmacy;
  • Conference room for 300 people;
  • The Orthodox Church;
  • Library;
  • Creative workshops and manufacturing;
  • A section of tailoring which will provide jobs for at least 40 people;
  • Office space for the staff association;
  • Dining room with its own kitchen to serve at least 100 people;
  • A supermarket;
  • Storage of food and nonfood goods;
  • Park interesting playground for children with disabilities;
  • Parking space;

The main benefits in a residential complex designed for people with disabilities will be:

  • Immediate access to education through kindergarten and school grades 1-10;
  • Immediate access to free healthcare and the medical center;
  • Free and immediate access to physical recovery through rehab;
  • Access to a job and retraining by tailoring department, manufacturing workshops;
  • Religion by having immediate access to the Orthodox Church;
  • Access to other recreational activities through the conference hall and park arranged especially for people with disabilities;
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