The Right People


THE RIGHT PEOPLE (TRP) is a business development community dedicated to the success of its members, partners and clients activities in all business aspects they undertake.

Also TRP supports sustainable development within the areas where the community is active.

There is no specific date when our group of performance was created. It was formed during over 15 years, along initiatives of supporting achievements of foreign and local entrepreneurs who would bring an added value to Romania while their business also developed locally in a healthy way.

Success but mainly failure analysis forged our individual expertise and brought the team to a stable configuration based on common principles and vision.

We are not just a company.

We are not just a commercial joint venture.

We are not a group of interests, other than constructive cooperation for achievement of common scopes;

We are a united dedicated team of well-connected professionals.

We believe we are the right people in all areas of support needed by foreign entrepreneurs to start and develop safely their activities in Romania.

Activitati principale:
Servicii, Distributie, Comert International

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