I sell 2 turnkey online stores – functional business

Proposal's Value (EUR): 20000

Proposal Description:


We operate electronic commerce sites:
- CufarulNaturii.ro - over 7500 natural products (food supplements) approved for sale in Romania;
- Shopo.ro - FMCG product range, electronics, clothes, gifts import Spain (~ 35,000 products);

In terms of "equipping" the websites, they contain:
- modern design, fast and adaptable to any access device (responsive);
- GPPR mode;
- automatic SEO modules and Rich Snippets;
- a set of modules that allow the configuration of a complex, completely automated marketing system:
- each order has a status assigned at each moment, according to which the client automatically receives personalized email notifications: confirmation of placing the order, modifying / canceling the order, successfully making the electronic payment, sending and tracking link of the order delivery stage. at the courier
- a few days after delivery, the buyer receives an email asking him to post, on the page of the purchased product and on the Facebook page of the site, his assessment regarding each product received. The system administrators are automatically informed by email about the person who made the assessment, the note given and the content of the comment.
- after registering a comment on a product's address, the client is invited, also by email, to post his comment on his personal Facebook page.
- for both shopping and posting comments on the site / Facebook the customer receives a number of bonus points that he can use to obtain the reduction of the value of subsequent purchases.
- periodically, each customer receives an email reminding him of his account situation (number of bonus points and discount coupons) and he is recommended a series of products chosen by the system according to personal browsing and purchase history.
- each "bad customer" who has not placed an order in the last months receives an email automatically with a discount coupon valid for several days.
- each "good customer" who during a period has made purchases whose value exceeds a certain threshold automatically receives an email with a discount coupon valid for several days.
- each customer who "abandoned the shopping cart" (added products to the basket but did not complete the order) automatically receives a discount coupon valid for several days to complete the order.
- the system is programmed so that the discount coupons offered do not overlap and do not create a habit of waiting for the customer. Thus, once a customer has received a discount coupon, he will not receive another coupon in the coming months, regardless of which category he is placed in.
- By default, the products are displayed in each category according to the quantity in stock and in the order of the most sold ones.
- In the page of each product there are several cross-selling modules (eg recommend products that have been purchased with the respective product).
- any new product added to the site is automatically published on the site's Facebook page.
- clients who have an account opened on the site are encouraged to recommend the site and their friends, in an internal affiliate system through which they are rewarded with discounts for both friends and clients.
- the way to change the order delivery rate according to 3 conditions: the value of the shopping cart, the weight of the products in the basket, the delivery address and the chosen courier.
- modification of the payment methods available depending on the delivery address (example: for deliveries in the EU, only payment by card or bank account is possible, while for deliveries in Romania it is possible both payment by card and payment by refund).
- the possibility of creating a new shopping cart based on a basket already purchased, with the notification of products that are no longer available for sale;
- the immediate updating of the suppliers' stocks and the withdrawal from sale of the products that are no longer in stock to the suppliers, by uploading in the administration panel a file received from them. To the extent that vendor systems allow, an API module can be implemented to update stocks in real time, by connecting online to vendor systems.
- Extracting invoices (both issued on site and those from suppliers) in a single file that is imported and registered quickly in the SAGA accounting system.
- automatic sending of the orders from the site to the supplier, once or twice a day, so that the waiting time for the customer, from the moment of placing the order and until the time of receipt of the products is minimal. Through this form of transmission of orders and negotiation with the operators, the orders arrive in the warehouse already sorted by the personnel of the supplier, on each order separately.
- automatic creation of feeds for use by:
- price comparators (Shopmania.ro, Price.ro)
- Affiliate programs (2Performant);
- online advertising and remarketing programs (Google Ads Search and Display);
- the sites have Facebook pages, automatically managed.

Find below some details about the performance of the sites:
- 14,000 registered customers
- 20,000 visitors / month
- 300 orders / month
- 40,000 lei receipts / month

Company details:
- CUI: RO36276091
- Reg. As: J40 / 9123/2016
- None. shock. 46,000 lei
- VAT payers
- Without debts to the state budget

Why do I want to sell? The Karibas business started as a small family business and has grown year by year. The level at which it reached, however, requires the total involvement of at least 2 persons, which would generate losses for the company, the solution being an intensive promotion plan that would generate the necessary additional revenues. In the absence of an investment fund for promotion, I am looking for a buyer to take the 2 sites to the next level.

The sale price is EUR 20,000, for the 2 sites, together.

Thank you,

The Interest:

Sell the Business

Financial Details:

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Business Trend: Growing

Type of Proposal: Sell a Business, Assets or Products. Get Capital

Type of Business:

Main Reason for Sale: Lack of Capital

Buyer Support: 6 months

Country (where operating): Romania, Bucuresti


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