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The Mission

CEC Bank is a competitive universal commercial bank able to offer diverse and high-quality bank products and services to its clientele, focusing mainly on financing SMEs agriculture, public administration, as well as those banking projects that, by their nature, contribute to the economic development, generate and maintain the jobs number. The Bank is an active element in supporting the clients interested to access the European Funds and will be involved in supporting Government Programs. A special care will be further focused on the relation with the Romanian population.

 The Values

Fundamental values: confidence, honesty, stability
Functional values: security, convenience, simplicity
Representative values: tradition, national symbol

 The Identity

It’s the green light for us!
It’s the green light for energy, freshness and hope.
It’s the green light for CEC Bank renewal we are all waiting for. For a rebirth.
It’s the green light, let’s go!

We’ve got the oak leaf!
We’ve got the oak leaf because we are Romanians.
Because the oak leaf stands for honesty, long-lastingness and stability.
Because the architecture of the CEC Palace features a plenty of oak leaves.
The oak leaf, for Romania.

We’ve got the shield!
We’ve got the shield for security.
CEC Bank offers increased protection to its customers and is fully compliant with the behavioural model and the modern standards of banking practices.

Type of Company:
Bank, Manufacturer
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Doina Topala
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