Colsys s.r.o.

Colsys is a Czech leader supplier of WARNING AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS AGAINST FLOODS AND INDUSTRIAL DISASTERS. On one side, the system provides to clients monitoring of variables (for instance: height of water level in the rivers, leakage of dangerous substances, etc.). One the second side, the system warn and inform people by street speakers, electronic sirens, text message displays on public places or SMS messages.

We are looking for partners for sales, installation and service & maintenance.

Colsys is also a leading supplier and systems integrator of security, weak-current and communication technologies, heavy-current and control systems.

Consultation, analysis of the state and needs of individual companies and investors and planning, including designing systems and project work for it, delivery and implementation and, last but not least, operational maintenance and servicing supplied equipment, are all parts of our all-inclusive services.

We want to be a stable company and reliable partner maintaining and developing our market share. And ensuring the stability and quality of our services has lead us to expend significant effort on developing our portfolio of products, expanding existing markets and searching for new ones.

Type of Company:
Exporter, Manufacturer, Service Provider
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner, Export, Distribute products / services
Name of the Contact Person
Leoš Nevole
Phone of the Contact Person
+420 312 278 211
E-mail of the Contact Person

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