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The CZECH SERVICE INTERNATIONAL (CSI) is a comprehensive solution for Czech companies expanding abroad and for foreign companies expanding into the Czech Republic. In both cases, these expansions can bear fruit only when properly timed and stepped, requiring an in-depth knowledge not only of local laws and tax regimes, but also of local customs and connections.
The CZECH SERVICE INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of services necessary for establishing a business in the Czech Republic:
1. mergers and acquisition advisory for finding the suitable domestic target which should help you to quickly retain market share of production;
2. law services for secure and effective business entry and continuous operations on healthy foundations;
3. insurance services for avoiding unnecessary risks in the new territory;
4. audit, accounting and tax advisory services for the preparation and understanding of figures, third-party verification and minimizing the tax burden;
5. advertising services for building awareness of your products and your trademark.

All services offered are of the highest quality as their providers – members of CSI – are experienced Czech companies belonging to well-known international networks specialising in particular fields.

CSI is therefore a one-stop shop for all the services needed for business entry into the Czech Republic, saving costs and reducing unnecessary interference by consultants and service providers when hiring them individually. While the offer of CSI is quite complex, the services can also be used separately if required.

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