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Business line: ecoHORNET is the state-of-the-art pellet-based energy production technology. The heating systems respond to the requirements regarding the efficiency and emissions, while offering access to a renewable, inexhaustible and eco-friendly fuel source, i.e. biomass, without encouraging deforestation. The (patented) ecoHORNET incinerating burner enables the highly efficient and environmentally friendly burning of standard wood pellets, as well as of pellets made of “everything that burns. We propose a new approach on sustainable  development of both rural and urban areas through conversion of biomass: garbage, debris and green waste, agricultural, forestry and woods, lifestock animal waste, selection of household waste, energy crops, wood chips, especially dry and damages of forests and uncultivated lands, even those with high content of silica or mixed sawdust, etc., compacted and granultaed in form of pellets, clean granules odorless, non-toxic, unalterable, into the cheapest and cleanest  thermal and electrical energy. Products manufactured by ECOHORNET:

– pellet heating units 20-500 kW;

– injector-type pellet burners 20-500kW- replace all diesel, gas, oil injectors, which use expensive and highly-polluting fuels. ;

– pellet burners for radiant tubes 20-60 kW – The ideal solution for heating high spaces.

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