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Founded in 1993, EMI Systems is an international software and consulting company headquartered in the Washington, DC suburb of Bethesda, MD. The company offers technical assistance in strategic planning, policy support, and monitoring and evaluation in a variety of areas including:

o Education Management: EDSS, EMIS and School Mapping, Education Development Plans & Budgets, Institutional Reform
o Social Reform/Poverty: Poverty Assessment, Reduction and Monitoring (PARMA), Poverty Mapping, Social Services
o Health Management: Strategic Planning (including Resource Allocation & Action Plans), Health Equity, HIV/AIDS
o Democracy/Governance: Capacity Building, Planning (including Resource Allocation & Action Plans), Economic Development, Service Delivery
o Environmental Management: Pollution Monitoring and Control

EMI Systems’ strategic planning and policy support software products have been customized for use with World Bank, USAID and DFID projects. Our analytical and decision support products (MapDecision 3.0 and Web-MapDecision) integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) functionality with statistical and analytical / decision support procedures and are available in English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Serbian, Albanian and Romanian.


EMI Systems’ mission is to help bridge the gap between data and policymaking in the developing world. The company has an approach to promoting the institutional change required in order for policymakers to use data in the process of making decisions. The approach is implemented through technical assistance, software customization, data collection and analysis, training in policy dialogue, collective problem solving using our proprietary software, as well as institutionalization.

EMI Systems’ concept revolves around an Executive Decision Support Software (EMI Systems proprietary) inside a broader Problem-Solving Methodology (developed on the basis of EMI Systems’ experience with World Bank, USAID and DFID projects) inside an even broader Approach to Social Planning and Development (reflecting the donors’ view and efforts towards decentralization, participation, cooperation, transparency and accountability).


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