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INTERSEMAT S.A. is a company accredited by the Ministry of Environment and Water Management on the basis of the Order no. 1229/731/1205/2005, with the modifications and additional completions , having  the Operational Licence No. RO-ANPM-D.A-009/2011, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Water Management and the National Agency for Environment Protection.

INTERSEMAT is a company similar to the already existing ones in the EU, meant to take over the responsibility of the companies that put packaging and waste packaging on the market.

Intersemat mission is to:

– ensure, for its customers,  the compliance of the reporting and collecting  legal obligations

– permanently improve the management procedures in the national system of waste collecting-recycling, in order to achieve the collecting  targets

– contribute, by means of its direct practice, to the improvement of the legal and technical  standards, in order to make efficient the process of waste collecting and recycling and  to ensure tracebility and transperancy

– involve in educational activities, especially in those that focus on the prevention  of waste production

We are reliable partners of all the companies that put packaging and  packaging and packaged product on the market.

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