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KRAIBURG ist a well known name on the field of rubber compounding. Since 1947Gummiwerk KRAIBURG has been producing rubber compounds based on all types of polymers including silicone and fluororubber, for all conventional processing techniques of solid rubber.

Thereby particular attention is paid to individual and tailor-made solutions and innovative products. Together with the customers the optimal compound for the actual application and processing method is designed.

KRAIBURG Bulgaria has been started in 2001 as a branch of our Austrian divisionKRAIBURG Austria producing tire retreading materials. After a successfully period of manufacturing treads our Bulgarian branch has been restructured and since 2007 has a new business field: rubber compounding.

Similarly to the mother company our developers can elaborate all compounds related to your specific needs and adjusted to your production.

Our customers and partners are working on different fields in the world of rubber, but there is a common feature of them: to get the right product for their needs and that they can trust on our knowledge and solutions. We actually deliver our products to various clients on industry and automotive fields, in different lands. The most of them are naturally in the lands where we are basically acting (Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, Greece), but we also have projects in Germany, Austria or Near East countries.

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Novi Iskar
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Florian Costachel Baksa

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