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CONSTRUCTII ERBASU Company was incorporated based on the Decree-Act no.54 of July 1990, and started as a small company, with a fully Romanian-owned capital and 20 employees. Since 1991, the Company, as a family-owned business, has become a joint-stock company, bringing together as stockholders some of the employees that had been with the company since the beginning and contributed to its development.

The business constantly positive evolution over its 24-year existence has made it possible for the company to approach a large range of projects in the construction and other areas, regardless of their size and complexity, thus establishing contractual relations with the governmental sector as well as with the private one. Aiming at becoming more optimized and more professional, in 2001, Constructii Erbasu S.A. turned into ERBASU GROUP, each resulting division covering well-defined areas of expertise:

• CIVIL CONSTRUCTION – all types of civil construction projects with varying degrees of difficulty within the country and foreign with an experiente of over 24 years.

• ERBASU GENERAL CONSTRUCT S.A. – logistics and industrial distribution;

• ERBASU TOTAL CONSTRUCT S.A. – urban infrastructure, roads or municipal networks;

• ERBASU EDIL CONSTRUCT S.A. – large wastewater treatment plants, district heating plants, water supply systems and sewage systems;

• SELFCONSULTING S.R.L. – design and consultancy services.

Additionally, in full compliance with the development and permanent updating policies, shareholders have decided to further diversify the company’s portfolio so that, besides the accommodation sector (the Group owns ERBAS Hotel ***), the agro-food division was created, the newest operational segment where part of the company’s profit has been invested in the recent years.

• ERBALACT S.R.L. (Dairy Factory) is the product of a 3-million euro investment. This new operational unit of the ERBASU Group has a production capacity of 20,000 litres per day and it is part of the vertical integration strategy for agro-food operations, processing primary matter coming from its own farm. The dairy factory produces, under the ERBALACT brand, natural, healthy and Romanian-flavoured dairy products – fresh milk, natural yogurt, sour yogurt, cream, butter, hard cheese, salty cheese, FAGARAS Cheese, as well as traditional products – NUCET truckled cheese, curdled milk and cottage cheese with dill;

• BEST TEAM CONSULTING S.R.L. – the cattle farm – it is the main provider for the ERBALACT Factory, currently owning 250 Holstein bovines, a herd that should expand through investments, over the following years, up to 1,500 cattle.

Currently, the ERBASU GROUP has around 1,000 employees (engineers, designers, foremen, technicians, qualified and unqualified workers, indirect productive personnel). The direct result of these projects is that the activity of the Group has followed a constantly ascending trend.

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