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MECANEX is a specialized foundry and pumps manufacturer for industrial water supply, energy industry, chemical mining, irrigation,  spare parts, equipment and machined ferrous and nonferrous materials based in Botosani, Romania. Founded in 1972, has successfully established as a complete provider for large and complex castings. With our many years of experience in the casting industry, and with a team of highly motivated employees, we offer tailored solutions for our customers. Our highly skilled workforce is instrumental in our successful growth. All key processes are controlled and authorized by our engineers. We work in close cooperation with the customer, right from a casting-compliant design to production preparation to quality control. As a result, we can guarantee our customers a high level of safety, lean processes and long-term success.

The markets of casted products and pumps have the following target group:
-companies in the field of public utilities, with products like: hydrants and street drains, cast iron street furniture benches and fountains, lighting poles.
-companies in the mining industry with electric pumps for mine water, wash water pumps, lubrication pumps;
-energy complex and power plants with water supply, condensate pumps, pressure pumps;
-construction companies in bitumen pump, mud and rainwater pumps;
-agricultural companies: pumps for irrigation and draining;
-industrial companies for various processes: pumps, vacuum pumps, fuel pumps for water supply.

Type of Company:
Exporter, Manufacturer
Company business Interest
Find a strategic partner, Export, Import, Distribute products / services
Name of the Contact Person
Oana Afrasinei
Phone of the Contact Person
+40 741 393768
E-mail of the Contact Person

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