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abas ERP –  supports all companies manufacturing, distribution and services through a business approach based on integrated information, people, processes and technology that refers to all aspects of life of a product.

Developed by German company abas Software AG, with thirty years ‘ experience in the market of business management applications, abas ERP is the solution chosen by over 3.500 companies.

abas ERP for industrial companies resources management is a flexible software system that optimizes business processes in small and medium-sized companies and services around the world.  If you choose abas ERP,  you choose manufacturing competence, continuity and first class technology. abas ERP software is flexible, customizable and represents a safe investment in the future of the company. The software is offered in 28 languages.

Behind every successful business is a team of talented individuals. An intuitive, integrated-by-design ERP solution is the key to unlocking your team’s full potential.

abas ERP helps your business get more done by connecting people to the information they need, when and where they need it. From customer relationship management to supply chain optimization, order tracking and financial reporting—you and your team can take control of the processes and information that keep your business going and growing.

Dig under the skin of any business – no matter how big or small, how innovative, progressive or pioneering – and you’ll find people. These are the people whose ideas, diligence, and expertise give any business its particular advantage. Even the most thrilling technology has people behind it: the idea for it came from human creativity; human collaboration developed it and people are responsible for using the technology well or badly.

abas believes passionately that people, our own and yours, are the heart and soul of business. For 35 years abas has consistently and steadily improved processes for our customers. We’ve worked hard to get to know the people we work with and understand their work, their needs, their vision. This has created strong relationships: 92% of our customers return to us for their ERP requirements. More than 350 companies have been using abas 15+ years. 

We’re proud of their successes and of our contribution to that success. We’re proud that our clients have become our greatest ambassadors.

SISTEC  ROMANIA ( http://www.sistec.ro ) IT Integrator with 19 years experience on the Romanian market and over 200 highly skilled professional employees, Sistec can offer a complete solution to any IT problem: Software (ERP / CRM / DMS implementation, web /software development), Hardware (Interconnecting solutions, centralized and local data processing and storage solutions, BMS – building management systems solutions) and Services (hardware and software maintenance, network administration LAN/WAN and VPN; Data Center; IT Service).

With our headquarters in Bucharest, a regional center in Cluj and branches in the main cities of the country, Sistec has national coverage.

Activitati principale:
Productie, Servicii, Comert International
Interes de afaceri:
Dezvoltare afacere existenta, Diversificare activitate, noi oportunitati, Altul
Prezentare Companie & Catalog de Produse si Servicii
Functia in Organizatie
Regional abas ERP Consultant

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