Joint Venture/ Investment for the start up and in motion project.


ARQ Group is created on the principal that it’s possible to be involved in business while maintaining good ethical values. Therefore, honest, truthful and fair treatment of customers, suppliers and employees is why that is increasingly being recognized for its client solutions and operating integrity in the European market. Our company operation is centered in Bucharest the business capital of Romania, but is also supported by our partners and subsidiary offices in Europe and Asia.

ARQ is a group of companies providing energetic and waste consultancy, management, European general consultancy, production and production services by implementing in its activities the highest world standards. We are a fast moving, customer and market oriented organization offering value added service within a wide range of specific activities.

First,  I would like to point that our company is looking for a strong and long term partnership, which has the power to invest or join us in the waste project or other projects that we have in place in Romania or Europe, based on trust, understanding and mutual respect from where both can profit and prosper. Secondly, I would like to bring to your attention some of our projects that they are already in motion, please follow below:

  1. Pyrolysis Plant : For the begging I would like to bring to your attention, that we already purchase a 10 T manual pyrolysis plant, which already started the production in June 2016. Our project consists in populating a land area with pyrolysis plants and became worldwide a respected elite organization and/or offer European standards installation consultancy (is very important to understand that the way the pyrolysis plant is installed it reflects on the performance and efficacy in the future) for the client purchased pyrolysis machine around the world.
  2. Production: At the moment we are producing fresh spirulina directly from our greenhouses. We are looking for investors or partners for developing the project.

I would like to bring to your attention that this is an informational add and the details will be discussed after the main decision.

Please feel free to contact me any time regarding the problem above.

Domeniile de interes si Tipul Partenerului solicitat de
Chris Vrancuta
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