Luxurious stairs railings and furniture for exlusivist real estate projects



The  company offers integrated solutions for those residential projects that focus on the luxurious feeling offered by solid wood stairs, furniture, sculptures and decorations.

The company produces small series or unique furniture products and matching wooden accessories such as columns, balusters or stairs.

The particularity of the products manufactured by the company consists in its spiral shaped elements.

Cooperation is welcomed with designers, architects or real estate developers across Europe and outside of Europe in the form of manufacturing agreement.




The  company is a family owned enterprise specialized in wood sculpture with a manufacturing tradition of more than 100 years.

Passed from generation to generation, the art of carving wood into spiral elements reached a more evolved commercial potential in 1992 when the company was re-established and started to target new markets.


The company is primarily specialized in the production of spiral shaped balusters, designed to offer a luxurious design to homes, hotels or restaurants.

However, the design and production of the balusters is usually just the initial step of a project.

The company is able to offer to its partners and costumers matching furniture and wooden accessories integrating the same spiral shaped elements.


The production process is composed partly of operations realized with special equipment designed and built by the company and partly of operations realized manually by experienced sculptors.

Each product is carefully sculptured with special attention for details. The wood elements are usually made out of beech, but other wood essences can be used based on the request of the client or partner.


The company is able to produce unique products or small series of the products mentioned above, the added value of each project being the unicity of the results.


Cooperation partners are expected to contract the  company for the design, production, delivery and eventually assembly of the products mentioned above.

Each project combines the desires and expectations of the contracting partner with the technical and artistic vision of the  execution team.


As these products are meant to be integrated in real estate projects the potential partner should be a designer, architect, real estate developer, owner or constructor of residential buildings, hotels or restaurants.


Type and Role of Partner Sought

The cooperation partner should be a designer, architect, real estate developer, owner or constructor of residential buildings, hotels or restaurants interested to contract the company for the design, production,

delivery and eventually assembly of its products: solid wood furniture, stairs, balusters, sculptures and decorations.

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